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R&D Systems

Spend less on R&D Systems, Tocris, Boston Biochem when you order through Cedarlane!

R&D Systems is committed to delivering high quality reagents for all aspects of cell biology research, and has operated under this objective since its formation. R&D is dedicated to providing the highest quality in the manufacture, sale and support of its products. Cedarlane offers you different ways to save on many of your favourite top selling brands. Best Value Guaranteed.


FREE Samples of OneStep Lumitein and OneStep Blue Gel

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Biotium Inc.

One-Step Protein Gel Stains – from Biotium and Cedarlane!

Try Free Samples of One-Step Protein Gel Stains!

Try a free sample of One-Step Blue and One-Step Lumitein Protein Gel Stains! Sample sizes are 25 ml – order today!

  • One-step stains
  • Aqueous & non-toxic
  • Results in 5-60 minutes Ok for sequencing & mass spec
  • Choose visible or fluorescent stain

**Please note that there is a limit of 1 free sample per order**

One-Step Lumitein Protein Gel Stain

Cat.# 21004-F

One-Step Lumitein™ Protein Gel Stain is a ready-to-use luminescent protein gel stain. It is a dramatically improved version of our original Lumitein™ protein gel stain for convenience and safety. One-Step Lumitein™ gel staining requires only a single 5-60 minute staining step without fixation. Destaining is optional. Moreover, One-Step Lumitein™ Protein Gel Stain offers safer handling and ease of disposal, because it is an aqueous-based solution that does not contain hazardous methanol or acetic acid. Furthermore, One-Step Lumitein™ costs significantly less than other fluorescent protein gel stains.

One-Step Blue Protein Gel Stain

Cat.# 21003-F

One-Step Blue™ is a ready-to-use protein gel staining solution. It produces fast (5-60 min) protein staining in a single step without fixation or washing. Proteins can be detected by visible blue staining, or by near-infrared fluorescence. In addition to rapid results and simple staining, One-Step Blue™ offers safer handling and disposal compared to Coomassie staining because it is entirely aqueous-based, without hazardous methanol or acetic acid.

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