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Bovine Trabecular Meshwork

  • Spontaneously Immortalized Bovine Trabecular Meshwork Cell Line (BTM-28T)

    BTM-28T represents a spontaneously immortalized cell line derived from primary bovine trabecular meshwork (BTM) cell cultures isolated from tissue dissected from calf eyes. This cell line is seen to be morphologically similar to primary trabecular meshwork cells while proliferating at a much higher rate through a high number of passages. BTM-28T exhibits contact inhibition properties, enabling maintenance at 100% confluency under high glucose conditions. It is also seen to express the trabecular meshwork cell markers alpha-smooth muscle actin, laminin, and collagen IV. Furthermore, induction of cross-linked actin networks by dexamethasone is observed in BTM-28T, a behavior typically observed in primary TM cells.

    The BTM-28T cell line represents a unique and valuable research tool for ophthalmic and glaucoma researchers in academia and industry. It will help better understand the aqueous humor outflow pathway as related to the pathophysiology of glaucoma.

    Further details regarding this cell line can be found in the following paper:

    The datasheet for these products can be downloaded here.

    Supplementary Figures

    BTM-28T cells expressed TM cell markers including α-SMA (A), Collagen IV (B) and Laminin (C), respectively (DAPI counterstained nuclei in blue). (D) Dexamethasone (DEX) induced cross-linked actin network (CLAN) formation in BTM-28T cells: Morphology of CLANs (circled area). Green (pseudocolor): phalloidin staining; blue: DAPI staining.

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