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  • Each year Cedarlane is proud to support a number of Canadian charities that increase the well-being of lives across Canada and accelerate life science and medical research and discovery. Since 2014, Cedarlane has donated to various charitable causes, in addition to implementing a number promotions and contests to raise awareness for these individual causes. See below for details on each partnership, and don’t forget to stay engaged with us throughout the year to see how you can get involved!

    Cedarlane SickKids Foundation
    Cedarlane Canadian Cancer Society
    Cedarlane Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
    Cedarlane Heart and Stroke Foundation
    Cedarlane Keystone Symposia

  • Research is difficult and time-consuming – purchasing the products you need to conduct that research shouldn’t be! With importing, taxes/duties, ice types, shelf lives, brokerage fees, processing fees, tracking numbers, currency rates and more, buying your biological kits and reagents comes down to a lot more than just dollars and cents. While we know there are some times when you can’t purchase through Cedarlane (although you should attempt to do so anyways), with more than 60 years of shipping biologicals under our belts, we’re passing the knowledge on to you to make the most informed decision when it comes to your purchases. While these scenarios often change from supplier to supplier and country to country, here are some important things to consider when placing your next order for research kits and reagents.

    While we know you may not make all of your purchases through Cedarlane (we’re not holding any grudges…yet), we want to keep you up to date and informed on all aspects of purchasing biological kits and reagents. Not all learning is done in the classroom or at the lab bench, so consider this guide our gift to you – saving your lab valuable time and money when it comes down to spending important research bucks.

    Don’t be bogged down by outrageous additional fees, return policies and lengthy shipment periods. Have any questions about the ordering process? Don’t hesitate to contact us – happy ordering!