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Adult Mouse NPY/GFP Cell Line

  • mHypoA-NPY/GFP Cell Line

    mHypoA-NPY/GFP was generated using a proprietary platform technology enabling the creation of a pool of immortalized hypothalamic neurons. These neurons were immortalized from two month old NPY-GFP mice (strain B6.FVB-Tg(Npy-hrGFP)1Lowl/J) hypothalamic primary cultures by retroviral transfer of SV40 T-Ag. These hemizygous mice express humanized Renilla Green Fluorescent Protein under control of the mouse neuropeptide Y (NPY) promoter. The immortalized hypothalamic cells were sorted on a cell sorting flow cytometer based on GFP fluorescence to greater than 95% purity. These cells represent the entire population of mHypoA-NPY/GFP neurons and have not been further subcloned.

    These cells have been found to express an ever expanding array of neuropeptides, enzymatic markers and biologically active receptors. As such, they enable accurate in-vitro assays for use in the discovery, development and validation of new therapeutics targeted to central-nervous system diseases and disorders, including obesity, stress, and metabolic disorders, amongst others.

    Further details regarding this cell line can be found in the following paper:

    The datasheet for this product can be downloaded here.

    Supplementary Figures

    Characterization of NPY-expressing hypothalamic cell models. The immortalized hypothalamic mHypoA-NPY/GFP line expresses GFP and NPY, as determined by ICC, confirming that the cultures only contain immortalized mHypoA-NPY/GFP neurons, whereas the mHypoA-59 line expresses only NPY, and the NPY-negative mHypoA-1/3 was used as a control. DIC, Differential interference contrast; TO-PRO-3, nuclear stain. Merge, Nuclear Stain, NPY, and GFP Ab. (Dhillon et al. (2011) Endocrinology. 152(11): 4138-4147.)

Product Name: Adult Mouse Hypothalamus Cell Line (GFP-mouse origin) mHypoA-NPY/GFPmix
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