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  • 24 phenotypically different cell lines designated mPitA-xx (Cat# CLU401-CLU425)

    This line of adult mouse pituitary cell lines is based on a proprietary platform technology which has enabled the creation of 19 mixed cell cultures that contain cells from particular pituitary cell lineages, as determined by RT-PCR analysis and immunocytochemistry for specific hormones. Pituitary cell cultures have been immortalized from fully differentiated adult mouse pituitary cell culture (C57Bl/6; female) by retroviral transfer of SV40 T-Ag.

    The pituitary cell lines are easy to culture and have robust gene and protein expression. As such, these adult-derived pituitary cell lines enable accurate assays for use in studies of progenitor cell characteristics and modulation, and the molecular analysis of hormone synthesis and secretion in differentiated cell lines.

Product Name: Adult Mouse Pituitary Cell Line mPitA-6
Cellutions Biosystems Inc.
1 ml
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