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Buy any 2+ ZymoPure II Kits and receive a free vacuum manifold CAT# S7000(ZY)

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Start Date:

Mar 1 2018

End Date:

Jan 1 2019

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Buy One ZymoPure II Kit Get a Free Vacuum Manifold

Ez-Vac Vacuum Manifold – Cat.# S7000(ZY)

The EZ-Vac™ Vacuum Manifold features durable chemical-resistant construction and is capable of processing up to 20 samples simultaneously using vacuum pressure. The vacuum manifold allows researchers to simplify their nucleic acid purification workflows further by eliminating the need for multiple centrifugation steps and disposal of flow-through from collection tubes. The One-Way Luer-lock Stopcocks are compatible with most Zymo Research spin-columns and individually controlled, allowing users to process as little as one sample at a time. Furthermore, the extra-large waste reservoir makes the EZ-Vac™ Vacuum Manifold ideal and convenient for protocols that require large volumes to be processed.

  • Rapidly process up to 20 samples without the need for repeated centrifugation steps
  • Compatible with many of Zymo Research’s spin-column based nucleic acid purification kits
  • Unique design accommodates large processing volumes easily

Endless possibilities, What will you create?

ZymoPURE II – Plasmid Purification Reinvented

ZymoPURE II is plasmid purification reinvented. At the core of our ZymoPURE II technology is a novel binding chemistry and membrane that redefines plasmid purity, reduces processing time by 7 fold, and enables > 1 mg of plasmid to be eluted from a microcentrifuge column.

Elution means Elution

Tired of performing tedious alcohol precipitations? With ZymoPURE II, the plasmid DNA is bound onto a spin-column and all of the contaminants are washed away prior to eluting in a microcentrifuge. The resulting eluate is transfection-ready and highly concentrated, so there is no need to remove salts and concentrate the plasmid after elution. Be confident in your elution with ZymoPURE.

Good-bye Gravity Flow

Say farewell to the drip. Your time is valuable, so why spend it waiting for gravity? With ZymoPURE II, the plasmid DNA is bound onto a spin-column in mere seconds using a vacuum manifold or centrifuge, which completely eliminates the need for slow gravity flow columns.

Cited for Sensitive Techniques

  • Transfection
  • Lentivirus Production
  • shRNA
  • siRNA
  • PCR
  • Sequencing
  • And many more

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