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Start Date:

Nov 12 2018

End Date:

Dec 31 2018

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Save on all Cell Systems Products from Cedarlane

Primary Cells, Media and Reagents to Optimize Your Research!

Cell Systems is laser focused on the development and manufacturing of the highest standard research tools for the science of cell biology. We provide human primary cells, media, and reagents for research institutions around the globe to aid in the understanding of cell biology and discovery of treatments for all varieties of human conditions.

Partner with Cell Systems for your primary cell cultures

The catalog of Cell Systems offers researchers the opportunity to investigate cells that have been well documented in scientific journals for decades. Cell Systems cells are exclusively from primary, normal, site-specific human cell cultures; they are characterized, homogeneous primary cell cultures from specific anatomic locations and can be accessed in the frozen vial or proliferating flask.

Cell Systems primary cells:

  • Highly proliferative and healthy
  • Antibody-free (99% of our cells are isolated without using antibodies)
  • Provide a high yield (~85%)
  • With a large cell count (over 1 million cells per vial)
  • Well-cited in scientific journals
  • Focused on vascular biology
  • Ideal for 3D and 2D cultures, microfluidic devices, and co-cultures
  • Available as single vials, reserved lots, or in proliferating flasks

Cell Culture Media – Ideal Media for Every Experiment

Our suite of specialized media provides researchers with a diverse set of tools to enhance research through consistent and stable environments for cell cultures. Cell Systems media may be used with all primary, immortalized, neoplastic and established cell lines.

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