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Start Date:

Nov 19 2018

End Date:

Dec 31 2018

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Save 30% on Fixed Human Discovery Panels through Bio-Techne and Cedarlane

Buy and Save on Bio-Techne Products through Cedarlane – Your Canadian Distributor!

Ready, Set, Discover! NEW Off-The-Shelf Fixed Luminex® Panels

Get Performance and Results You Can Trust! The XL Cytokine Discovery Luminex High Performance Assay outperformed other suppliers’ assays when tested for linearity of dilution, a common method for assessing assay accuracy.

Our assay development is second to none, and we’ve proven this again by testing our new Human XL Cytokine Discovery Panel side by side with panels from three other Luminex suppliers. We tested for linearity of dilution, a common method for assessing assay accuracy, and our XL Cytokine Discovery Panel outperformed other suppliers' assays using serum, plasma, or both.

Linearity of Dilution

Accurate assays yield a straight line on the graphs below at or near 100% because the analyte being measured is accurately detected as samples are diluted. If the line deviates far from 100% as samples are diluted, this is an indicator that the assay is not accurately measuring the analyte of interest. For this study, a known concentration of the appropriate recombinant protein was spiked into serum or plasma and assayed by three-fold serial dilutions for each XL Cytokine Discovery Luminex Performance Assay and for each supplier Luminex assay.

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Note: Offer valid for orders placed on or before February 28, 2019. Discount excludes bulk quantities and special orders. Additional exclusions may apply. Valid in Canada only. Offer valid for direct purchases through Bio-Techne Canada as well as purchases made through Cedarlane. Some exclusions may apply. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts, for prior or past purchases, or orders pending. No credits will be issued. All requests are subject to availability and approval by R&D Systems. Offer void where prohibited.