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Biotium – Glowing Products for Science

At Biotium, innovation is at the very heart of what we do every day. As a small technology company, we understand the importance of innovation to our competitiveness and growth. The company devotes a significant amount of resources to research and development and intellectual property protection. Our efforts have resulted in a growing number of granted and pending patents that cover a wide array of molecular and cellular biology applications.

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This promotion applies to all Biotium products, including:

  • Antibody and Protein Labeling Kits
  • Buffers and Accessories
  • Calcium Indicators
  • Cell and Organelle Stains
  • Cellular Assay Kits
  • Enzyme Substrates
  • Microbiology and PCR
  • Primary Antibodies
  • Reactive CF Dyes
  • Secondary Antibodies and Other Fluorescent Conjugates

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