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Start Date:

Feb 4 2019

End Date:

Mar 31 2019

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Save on IBA Protein A Agarose Products through Cedarlane

Limited Time Offer: Save on Protein A Agarose Products!

As the developer of high quality tools for recombinant protein production, we have extended our product portfolio by Protein A Agarose affinity resins.

Protein A is commonly used for the affinity purification of IgG class antibodies. It binds to immunoglobulins through interaction with the IgG heavy chain within the Fc region and purifies all antibodies of the target class without regard to antigen specificity. Antibodies from serum (polyclonal antibodies), ascites or cell culture supernatant of hybridoma cell lines (monoclonal antibodies) can thus be easily isolated.

  • High NaOH stability (CIP 0.5 M NaOH 100 Cycles)
  • =70 mg/ml binding capacity
  • Cost effective products

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