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Start Date:

Feb 7 2019

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Feb 28 2019

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Save on Irvine Scientific Recombinant Growth Factors through Cedarlane

Animal component-free growth factors for cell culture applications

Recombinant growth factors play a central role in sustaining maximal serum-free cell expansion and differentiation. Our recombinant growth factors are produced in an animal component-free E.coli expression system.

  • Animal component-free and carrier-free
  • Expressed in E. coli
  • High biological activity verified by relevant bioactivity assay
  • Lyophilized form to ensure stability
  • High purity (= 95%)

Access to high quality and affordable clinical grade key components for primary and stem cell culture, such as growth factors derived from animal component-free (ACF) processes, remains a significant challenge to the success of developing primary and stem cell-based therapies. Our selection of high quality human recombinant growth factors/cytokines produced in E. coli systems to support a variety of cell culture applications including activation, expansion, and differentiation. They are the ideal complement to our PRIME-XV® portfolio of chemically-defined and serum-free media and reagents.

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