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Get 20% OFF on the Top 15 ELABSCIENCE ELISA Kits with Published Articles!

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Start Date:

Jul 6 2023

End Date:

Dec 31 2023

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Elabscience Save on ELISA Kits with Published Articles

Get 20% OFF on the Top 15 ELABSCIENCE ELISA Kits with Published Articles! | Enter Promo Code: ES15ELISA

Elabscience is a high-tech biotech corporation, specializing in reagents of immunodiagnostic technology. Upgrade your research with ELABSCIENCE's premium ELISA Kits and save big! Take advantage of our exclusive offer and enjoy a remarkable 20% discount on the top 15 ELISA Kits (listed below), all of which come with published articles for enhanced reliability.

Catalogue No. Product Name Citation Quantity
E-EL-R2856 Rat TNF-a ELISA Kit 678
E-EL-M3063 Mouse TNF-a ELISA Kit 637
E-EL-M0044 Mouse IL-6 ELISA Kit 520
E-EL-R0015 Rat IL-6 ELISA Kit 503
E-EL-M0037 Mouse IL-1ß ELISA Kit 462
E-EL-R0012 Rat IL-1ß ELISA Kit 461
E-EL-H0109 Human TNF-a ELISA Kit 302
E-EL-H6156 Human IL-6 ELISA Kit 240
E-EL-H0149 Human IL-1ß ELISA Kit 222
E-EL-0060 MDA(Malondialdehyde) ELISA Kit 159
E-EL-R0016 Rat IL-10 ELISA Kit 135
E-EL-0034 PGE2(Prostaglandin E2) ELISA Kit 131
E-EL-R0026 Rat LH(Luteinizing Hormone) ELISA Kit 128
E-EL-R0391 Rat FSH(Follicle Stimulating Hormone) ELISA Kit 126
E-EL-0028 8-OHdG(8-Hydroxydeoxyguanosine) ELISA Kit 113

With energetic and experienced research teams, professional laboratories, first-class equipment and material supplied from top bio-tech corporation, Elabscience has been committed to developing and producing a large selection of innovative reagents of high quality to provide the Life Science research and diagnostic with a comprehensive, high-quality protein related products. As a result, we have good quality control for every kit by every lot. We try our best to reduce any differentiation between lots and lots to keep your experiment getting more consistent results. We optimized the most convenient method for the manipulation.

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