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Start Date:

Dec 11 2020

End Date:

Apr 1 2021

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Save 10% on the New ATCC SARS-CoV-2 External Control Kit through Cedarlane

Introducing the SARS-CoV-2 External Control Kit from ATCC – Save 10% Today!

Exclusive to Cedarlane Customers

Since the global outbreak of the novel coronavirus, adapting to rapid changes in the state of the COVID-19 pandemic has presented an enormous challenge for clinical laboratories ready to respond with molecular diagnostic testing. Poised to make some of the greatest contributions to human health, labs need to ensure precision and accuracy while emergent understanding shifts viral targets, and unstable infection rates impact available resources.

When change is constant and there’s less time for progress and less room for error, you need to minimize variability. With ongoing mutations, limited workforces, and supply chain challenges, where can you gain a level of control?

That’s why ATCC has created a full-process quality control for SARS-CoV-2 that gives labs the confidence of stability and dependability amid the rapidly changing COVID-19 testing landscape. This ready-to-run kit equips clinical labs with the validated universal controls needed to easily verify and assess the performance their testing workflow, regardless of which molecular diagnostic assay is being used.

The design, format, and validation of ATCC's SARS-CoV-2 External Control Kit brings stability to the shifting environment of COVID-19 diagnostic testing. With diagnostic assay quality control measures, reference materials, and standards that combine decades of expertise and processes designed for the challenge at hand, our frontline efforts to combat COVID-19 will help you gain a measure of stability when you need it most.

As a trusted source for biological standards during decades of epidemics, ATCC is committed to global health and humanity. With our deep history in providing credible materials and developing solutions, we know what it takes to step up to the challenges and meet your needs today.

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Note: This offer is not valid in conjunction with contract discounts or any other special pricing. Void where prohibited. Available only while supplies last. Not for in vitro diagnostic use. Research use only.