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Start Date:

Mar 1 2021

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Jun 1 2021

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Save on top Epigentek ChIP Kits and Antibodies through Cedarlane

Save on Popular Chromatin Kits and ChIP-Grade Histone Antibodies!

Featured Kits:

Chromatin structures are regulated by various mechanisms including histone modification and chromatin remodeling, which involve the binding of transcription factors. By using tools such as chromatin immunoprecipitation, it is possible to gain further insight into the dynamic interactions between transcription proteins and components of chromatin, and to ultimately understand their roles in cellular functions such as gene transcription and epigenetic silencing.

  • Cat. # P-1047 – EpiQuik Chromatin Accessibility Assay Kit
  • For quantitative chromatin analysis and determination of euchromatin or heterochromatin states
  • Cat. # P-2002 – EpiQuik Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) Kit
  • For immunoprecipitating chromatin specifically from cell input samples via microplate format
  • Cat. # P-2027 – ChromaFlash High-Sensitivity ChIP Kit
  • For immunoprecipitation of chromatin (ChIP) from small amounts of mammalian cells or tissues
  • Cat. # P-2014 – EpiQuik Plant ChIP Kit
  • For immunoprecipitating chromatin specifically from plant input samples
  • Cat. # P-2030 – EpiNext ChIP-Seq High-Sensitivity Kit
  • For streamlined ChIP-sequencing NGS library preparation from low input cells
  • Cat. # P-2028 – EpiNext CUT&RUN Fast Kit
  • For enrichment of specific DNA complexes with a protein from low input cells/chromatin to identify or map in vivo protein-DNA interaction by NGS
  • Cat. # P-2032 – EpiNext cTIP (CUT&Tag In-Place)-Sequencing Kit
  • For enrichment of a protein-specific DNA complex from low input cells/chromatin and preparation of a library for NGS using Illumina platforms

Featured Antibodies:

Histone modification antibodies are used to investigate epigenetic modifications to histones such as acetylation, methylation, and phosphorylation. Histone methylation is associated with transcriptional repression or activation via the transfer of methyl groups to lysine or arginine residues of histone proteins and is crucial to studying epigenetic gene regulation with the use of histone methylation antibodies. Histone methyltransferases (HMTs) are responsible for catalyzing this process. Similarly, histone acetylation antibodies can be used to study chromatin remodeling and epigenetic gene regulation that occurs as a result of histone acetylation. This histone modification is defined as the addition of an acetyl group to lysine residues of histone proteins by enzymes known as histone acetyltransferases (HATs), and is associated with gene activation and expression.

  • H3K4me1 (#A-4031)
  • H3K4me3 (#A-4033)
  • H3K9ac (#A-4022)
  • H3K9me1 (#A-4034)
  • H3K9me2 (#A-4035)
  • H3K9me3 (#A-4036)
  • H3K14ac (#A-4023)
  • H3K27ac (A-4708)
  • H3K27me1 (#A-4037)
  • H3K27me2 (#A-4038)
  • H3K27me3 (#A-4039)
  • H3K36me2 (#A-4041)
  • H3K36me3 (#A-4042)
  • H3K56ac (#A-4026)
  • H3K79me2 (#A-4044)
  • H3K79me3 (#A-4045)
  • H3R2me1 (#A-3713)
  • H3R2me2s (#A-3705)
  • H3R2me2a (#A-3714)
  • H3R8me2s (#A-3706)
  • H4K20me2 (#A-4047)
  • H4K20me3 (#A-4048)

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