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SAVE 50% off any PKmito probes

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Feb 16 2023

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Apr 1 2023

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SAVE 50% off any PKmito probes | Enter Promo Code: PKMITO2023

Spirochrome: PKmito™ Probes

We are proud to announce that the PKmito™ probes for gentle imaging of mitochondria in live cells have been developed and published by the lab of Zhixing Chen from Peking University1,2). They were carefully designed to reduce the generation of reactive oxygen species during imaging and allow long-term imaging or timelapse STED imaging in live cells.


PKmito™ probes are ideal for gentle mitochondria imaging

Due to the low phototoxicity, long term live cell imaging with confocal or widefield is allowed

PKmito ORANGE is the ideal STED probe for mitochondria, staining the inner membrane and therefore revealing mitochondrial cristae

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