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SAVE 25% off for all ELISA kits

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Start Date:

Feb 16 2023

End Date:

Apr 1 2023

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Save on Bioss Monoclonal Antibodies from Cedarlane

SAVE 25% off for all ELISA kits | Enter Promo code - ELISA23-HLDY

Bioss is a leading developer and manufacturer of antibodies, proteins, and immunoassays. With ten years of consistent and robust growth, Bioss has developed over 14,000 primary antibodies and more than 130,000 derived products, creating an extensive proprietary portfolio of self-manufactured antibodies covering a large number of human disease targets. In addition, Bioss produces cytokines, growth factors, and other proteins that are used for immunoassays.

Bioss offers over over 6,500 different ELISA kits. Which includesr both sandwich kits and competitive inhibition kits

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