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SAVE 20% on Selected Neuroscience Products from Enzo Life Sciences!

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Start Date:

May 4 2023

End Date:

Aug 1 2023

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SAVE 20% on Selected Neuroscience Products from Enzo Life Sciences! | Enter Promo code: N20ENZO !

Enzo Life Sciences, Inc. is an established leader in labeling and detection technologies across research and diagnostic markets. The company holds a strong portfolio of proteins, antibodies, peptides, small molecules, labeling probes, dyes and kits provides life science researchers with tools for target identification/validation, high content analysis, gene expression analysis, nucleic acid detection, protein biochemistry and detection, and cellular analysis.

Assay Kits

Our portfolio of over 300 ELISA and detec-tion kits includes sensitive, specific assays for neuroactive peptide hormones, signaling molecules, oxidative stress and cell death critical to neural signaling and neurodegen-erative pathways. Enzo’s CELLESTIAL® fluorescent probes and assay kits include innovative assays for monitoring protein aggregation, autophagy, calcium mobilization, oxidative stress and toxicity profiling. Our dye-based assays are optimized for the most demanding imaging applications to deliver consistent, reproduc-ible results.

High Quality Antibodies

We offer over 3,000 antibodies, including monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies for the detection of key markers of neurode-generation and neural signaling such as tau,ß ß-amyloid, Parkin, LC-3, SMN1, ion chan-nels, and synaptic vesicle markers. Every antibody is backed by our Worry-Free Antibody Trial Program, allowing you to evaluate any of our antibodies of interest for your specific application or species without risk.

Small Molecule Chemistry & Compound Libraries

Our long-standing, flagship SCREEN-WELL Compound Library portfolio offers an easy, ready-to-use method to streamline compound screening. The Enzo catalog of over 3,000 biologically characterized small molecules includes curated collections of Neurotransmit-ters, Bioactive Lipids, Ion Channel Ligands, Endocannabinoids, and Natural Products. Pathway targeting libraries for Autophagy, Epigenetics, and Wnt modu-lators facilitate Mechanism of Action analysis.

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