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Oct 18 2023

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Dec 16 2023

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Save on Quantikine ELISA Kits through Absolute Antibody and Cedarlane

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Save on ELISA Kits | IHCPlus™ Antibodies

Save on Thousands of ELISA Kits

We specialize in ELISA kits, offering a large collection of ready-to-use kits for thousands of targets of interest. We’re excited to be able to offer our customers significant price drops on many of our ELISA kits, helping researchers stretch their grant dollars at the start of the new school year. You can now save at least $100 on nearly 20,000 ELISA kits, with the latest pricing reflected in our catalog. Learn more about our ELISA kits here, and contact us with any questions on your order.

Our ELISA Kits

ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) kits are a quick, convenient, and accurate research tool for the detection and quantitation of targets of interest in cultures and samples. We offer more than 50,000 cost-effective, ready-to-use ELISA kits for thousands of targets of interest, enabling quantitative and qualitative monitoring of a variety of biological processes, including cell proliferation, oxidative stress, apoptosis, signaling pathways, and more. Each kit includes all necessary reagents, as well as a clear protocol that walks you through the entire process, from sample preparation to result analysis.

IHCPlus™ Antibodies ...because seeing is believing.

Knowing which cell types express a protein, and how the levels of the protein change during disease processes is of great value during the basic research, drug discovery, or drug development process.

LSBio's IHC-plus™ antibodies have been extensively validated for use in immunohistochemistry (IHC) on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) human tissues. The validation process includes optimizing antigen retrieval, antibody concentration, and performing pathology interpretation of the quality and quantity of the signal on 20 normal human tissues, brain regions, and/or cancers. This information is then compared with all published expression and localization data available for the protein, as well as multiple different antibodies to each target. This validation process enables LSBio to offer those IHC-plus™ antibodies that demonstrate the highest sensitivity and specificity to each target.

Whether investigating cancer biomarkers, apoptotic pathways, or lymphocyte subsets in immune disorders, LSBio’s IHC-plus™ antibodies cover virtually every protein class and work in multiple applications.

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