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SAVE 15% on PROTEOSTAT® Thermal Shift Assay !

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Start Date:

Feb 12 2024

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May 18 2024

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SAVE 15% on PROTEOSTAT® Thermal Shift Stability Assay Kit | Enter Promocode: ENZOPRO15

Accelerated Screening for Protein Stability

The PROTEOSTAT® Thermal Shift Stability Assay kit includes a fluorescent dye which detects protein aggregation, so it can be used to monitor protein stability under systematic thermal stress conditions. From the thermal shift assay, a temperature at which the bulk of the protein becomes aggregated can readily be identified. The aggregation temperature is an indicator of protein stability and can be used to optimize conditions that minimize protein aggregation as well as to identify ligands that bind and confer structural stability to a protein of interest. Use the related PROTEOSTAT® Protein Refolding and Aggregation Sensing Kit (ENZ-51040) to identify optimal protein refolding conditions. Conditions that increase the aggregation temperature increase the stability of the protein.

Key Features:

  • A simple, sensitive, homogenous fluorescence assay with no need for sample separation or dilution
  • Optimizes protein stability conditions in an accelerated manner
  • Detects ligand binding, even without a prior knowledge of the protein’s function or ligand binding site
  • Works over a wide temperature, pH, and ionic strength range and compatible with commonly used buffers and excipients
  • Provides a convenient, complementary orthogonal method for cross-validation of instrumentation-intensive techniques

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