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Jun 10 2024

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Sep 30 2024

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Cedarlane manufactured

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CEDARLANE’s Lympholyte® Cell Separation density gradient centrifugation media has been specifically designed for the isolation of viable PBMCs from mouse, rat, rabbit, human and other mammalian peripheral blood or tissues samples. The resulting cell population demonstrates a high, nonselective recovery of viable lymphocytes that are suitable for use as target cells in cytotoxicity and FACS assays and in in vivo / in vitro functional studies. All products are supplied as liquid with varying densities

Applications for Lympholyte® include:

  • Isolation of viable lymphocytes from lymphoid organs by removal of red and dead cells.
  • Removal of dead cells and debris:
    • From lymphocyte suspensions after treatment with antibody plus complement or following cell culture.
    • Following sequential cytotoxicity studies e.g., B-cell depletion.
    • From various clonal and hybridoma cell lines.
  • Removal of erythrocytes, dead cells, and debris from various clonal and hybridoma cell lines. (Lympholyte®-M and Lympholyte®-R)
  • Removal of erythrocytes, dead cells, and debris from other tissue suspensions including liver and lung. (Lympholyte®-M and Lympholyte®-R)
  • Isolation of murine nuclear epidermal cells. (Lympholyte®-M)
  • Isolation of mononuclear cells from bone marrow preparations. (Lympholyte®-H)

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