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Free Samples of Select Mirus Bio Products!

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Free Samples – Transfection Reagents from Cedarlane and Mirus Bio!

From basic research to product development, Mirus Bio scientists utilize their expertise in nucleic acid chemistry, cellular and molecular biology to establish innovative technologies and products for use in life science research. The TransIT® Transfection Reagents are ideal for delivering all types of nucleic acids including: DNA, siRNA, miRNA, mRNA, viral RNA and oligonucleotides to eukaryotic cells. Each reagent provides high efficiency transfection while exhibiting low cellular toxicity, enabling the acquisition of physiologically relevant data and preservation of the transfected cell population.

Mirus’ TransIT® Reagents are unique lipid and polymer formulations that achieve superior delivery efficiency of pDNA and siRNA with minimal cytotoxic effects. They have been optimized for in vitro delivery in a variety of mammalian cells as well as for in vivo delivery in small animals. The Ingenio® Electroporation Solution allows researchers to deliver nucleic acids to cells that are resistant to transfection.

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