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Custom Antibody Services

  • Cedarlane USA Headquarters

    Custom Services:

    CEDARLANE® is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016, MDSAP registered company that manufactures complement, Lympholyte® cell separation media, cell purification immunocolumns, neuronal cell lines and a wide range of antibodies. CEDARLANE® has over 30 years of custom services experience having completed projects for a wide range of researchers, biotech manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. We work with our customers to design and outline the specifics of the project, which are then initiated in a timely manner. Scheduling is communicated to the customer and we work to complete our projects on time, providing the excellent quality product that our customers have come to expect. At CEDARLANE®’s research facilities in Southern Ontario, we can accommodate projects of any scale; from 1 to 100+ animals, 1 mg to 1 gram of antibody, 1 to 1000+ test samples. CEDARLANE® understands the varied nature of custom work, and we encourage you to contact us to discuss the details of your project. All projects are kept strictly confidential.

    Polyclonal Antibody Packages

    CEDARLANE® offers complete project design including immunogen selection and production, antibody production, purification, conjugation, testing and lyophilization.

    Host animals include:
    rabbits, sheep, goats, mice, rats, guinea pigs, ferrets, llamas, chickens and more*.
    (*please inquire)

    Antigen sources include:
    peptides, full or partial proteins, cells, lysates, plant material.

    Our Standard Schedule is as follows: Antibody Services

    Monoclonal Antibody Production

    CEDARLANE® can supply monoclonal antibodies as Cell Line Supernatants (in vitro products), or as Ascites fluid using BALB/c, nude or other strains of mice.

    Production includes initial cell expansion, priming of the host, isotyping and cryopreservation of the cells if required. Low endotoxin antibody production and purification is also available.

    Antibody Purification

    Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies can be purified by:

    • Protein G/A chromatography
    • Affinity chromatography
    • Ammonium Sulfate precipitation

    Peptide Synthesis

    All peptides are supplied with Mass Spectral analysis to confirm identity and HPLC chromatograms to ensure purity.

    Custom Conjugations

    • Biotin, FITC, PE, Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP) and other dyes
    • Carrier protein conjugations (for polyclonal antibody production; BSA, KLH, OVA)

    Other conjugation services available upon request.

    Testing Services

    We can test your samples in ELISA, Flow Cytometry, Western Blot and Cytotoxicity assays.

    Lyophilization/Freeze Drying Services

    Material can be filled in specified sizes/vials and provided in a finished package format.

    Bulk Antibody Production

    CEDARLANE® also offers special pricing on bulk antibody orders. Most of our catalog antibodies are stocked in bulk amounts for quick delivery.

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    CEDARLANE® also offers:

    • Special pricing on bulk (antibody) orders
    • Custom formats and sizes

    Please contact us for a quote: research@cedarlanelabs.com or 1-800-268-5058 ext. 227 or 289-288-0001 ext. 227

    CEDARLANE® continually endeavors to expand our line of antibodies. Please let us know if there is a specific antibody or clone that you are looking for. Please also inquire for special formats or sizes.

    CEDARLANE® is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016, MDSAP registered company .

    Still Need More Help?

    If you have sales questions relative to particular products or to your line of research, please contact the CEDARLANE® sales department and have all of your questions answered in a timely and professional manner.