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  • Biotech Support Group LLC was founded in 2004 by Swapan Roy, Ph.D., expanding upon a career in biotechnology research at major pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Roy developed a new polymer coating – called NuGel™ which pioneered porous silica based chromatography for bioseparations. Yet the “omics” revolution demanded new and different sample prep separations that were not efficiently performed by conventional technologies. For years the protein separations toolkit was limited to liquid chromatography and gel electrophoresis. While effective for many applications, such tools were not efficient for “omics” sample preparation, when throughput, economy and simplicity were required. Furthermore, these same separation tools most often denatured proteins which limited there use in applications which required the measurement of function, structure or bio-activity. Such retained functional and structural properties were essential for functional proteomics and for enrichment of enzyme biomarkers, important new areas for translational research.

    The mission of the company now serves the explosive growth in proteomic sample prep, with unique and proprietary surface chemistries. We are dedicated to create new methods and applications to drive efficient workflows and better data quality for all downstream proteomic and biomarker analyses. While selective protein binding is the focus of the surface chemistries, the products crossover to other “omic” fields, finding applications in genomics and DNA isolation, and now metabolomics.

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