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Cytognos, SL

Cytognos, SL

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  • Cytognos S.L. is a biotechnology company based in Salamanca (Spain) dedicated to the design and development of new reagents, software and techniques that provide innovative solutions in the flow cytometry field. They provide a variety of cellular analysis products to satisfy Flow Cytometry laboratory needs. Cytognos offers complete solutions including:

    • Reagents for instrument standardization
    • Fluorochrome conjugated antibodies (including their unique conjugates CF Blue (CF405 Blue) and OC 515 (Orange Cytognos 515))
    • Istotypic controls
    • Solutions for sample preparation
    • Analysis software that will improve the performance of your studies.

    Furthermore, all of our available fluorochrome conjugated antibodies against human antigens are offered as single colour and two or more colour combinations.

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