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  • ImmunO4 is the new leader in detection reagents, substrates and associated products. The management of ImmunO4 were the successful founders and key employees of a leading biotech reagent company. ImmunO4 was created to innovate and manufacture superior immunodetection reagents and related products. Key personnel involved in ImmunO4 have extensive industry experience. ImmunO4 intends to become the new leading substrate, immunological and biochemical reagent company in the Market.

    Some notable ImmunO4 product lines and features include:

    TMB Speed DemonTM Microwell Peroxidase Substrate:

    • ready to use formulation
    • extreme signal to noise ratios
    • ultimate sensitivity

    Lumi Super TrackerTM Chemiluminescent Substrates (LUMSTTM for Blotting and LUSSTTM for ELISA):

    • ultimate sensitivity with very low background
    • superior stability
    • working stock stable for 7 days on bench and over 30 days @ 4oC

    Super ShieldTM HRP Conjugate and Protein Stabilizer

    • preserves and stabilizes the activity of HRP conjugates used in immunoassays and molecular assays
    • superior conjugate and protein stabilizer
    • eliminates BSE regulatory concerns

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