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  • InVitria products are used with a variety of eukaryotic cells, most notably those involved with the bioproduction of recombinant protein therapeutics [CHO], monoclonal antibodies [hybridoma, NS0, CHO], and cell-based vaccines [Vero, MDCK, etc]. Stem cell technologies, Regenerative Medicine, and other clinical applications [e.g., IVF] of cell culture science have especially benefitted from the combination of regulatory compliance, bioperformance, and value-in-use that InVitria provides. Various other cell types [HEK293, keratinocyte, insect, etc] commonly used during pharmaceutical research and development activities have also had notable culture advantages conferred through media supplementation with InVitria products.

    InVitria develops, manufactures and markets a portfolio of high-quality, defined, animal-free cell culture supplements used throughout the total cycle of bioprocessing, from basic discovery research, through cell line development and optimization, and into cGMP commercial bioproduction. InVitria products are also used in primary and stem cell culture, including such applications as regenerative medicine and cell therapy. The principle offerings of InVitria are recombinant human proteins derived from a innovative plant-based expression system. These defined proteins are complemented by specialty supplements specifically optimized for certain cell types [e.g., Zap-CHOTM, Zap-HybridomaTM].

    These recombinant products have been produced using ExpressTecTM, a proprietary production system that utilizes plants as a production host, where both expression yields and protein purification recoveries have been optimized such that overall economies of production are unmet as compared against related products derived from alternative technologies.

  • ITSE Animal-Free – Simple Safe, Effective: The Perfect Solution to Serum Free Cell Culture

    ITSE: Exactly what your cells need. Exactly the right amounts

    Insulin: Insulin is required for survival in many cell types, and is involved in the regulation of glucose, amino acid, and lipid uptake.

    Transferrin: This protein is primarily responsible for regulation of cellular iron uptake and maintenance of proper redox state within the cell.

    Selenium: This trace element is present in many proteins that scavange free radicals, and thus is an extremely important player in preventing oxidative damage to your cells.

    Ethanolamine: This molecule is a precursor in the phospholipid biosynthesis pathway, and is a required supplement in the growth of many cell types, including Vero, CHO, and hybridoma cell lines.

    Product Catalog #
    ITSE – Animal Free – 10ml 777ITS032-10ML
    ITSE – Animal Free – 10 x 10ml 777ITS032-10ML-2
    ITSE – Animal Free – 100ml 777ITS032-100ML

    ITSE Animal-Free Increases Performance in Serum Free Cell Culture

    Figure 1 demonstrates the ability of InVitria's ITSE Animal-Free to increase media performance in Vero cell culture.

    InVitria's ITSE Animal-Free performs better than serum free media alone, and as well as another serum component containing ITSE product.

    Advantages of ITSE Animal-Free

    • Effective: ITSE Animal-Free boosts the performance of serum free cell culture medias. The component ratios have been experimentally optimized and its liquid formulation means it is extremely convenient.
    • Animal Component Free: ITSE is produced in an animal-free system, thereby eliminating safety concerns associated with animal or human derived serum products such as contamination with blood-borne pathogens.
    • Consistent: ITSE Animal-Free eliminates the need for highly variable serum containing products that introduce variability and unknown into your cell culture systems.
    • Saves Money: TSE Animal-Free saves you money that would have otherwise been spent on expensive serum-derived products.
    • Tested: ITSE Animal-Free has been shown to increase quality and quantity in a wide range of cell types including T cells, Mesenchymal stem cells, primary cells, Hybridoma, CHO cells and Vero cells.

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