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Nanoprobes, Inc.

Nanoprobes, Inc.

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  • Nanoprobes, Inc. manufactures and provides gold and other metal nanoparticle‐based products for laboratory research with applications in light, electron and fluorescent microscopy, blotting, medical pathology research, and micro‐CT imaging.

    Gold Nanoparticle Reagents

    A major product line is chemically functionalized small gold nanoparticles. We provide the 1.4 nm Nanogold® and 0.8 nm Undecagold (“ultrasmall”) with reactive groups including amino, maleimido, Sulfo‐NHS (Sulfo‐N‐hydroxysuccinimide) and carboxyl for covalent labeling of biological molecules, small molecules, polymers or other materials. Our gold nanoparticle reagents enable specific, selective and stoichiometrically controlled conjugation. In addition, our 3 nm and 5 nm Gold Nanomaterials (Coated gold nanoparticles) offer hydrophobic, hydrophilic and amphiphilic solubilities for different needs.

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