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  • Spit Happens.

    It’s true. For most humans, salivating is effortless. Collecting
    saliva is simple, minimally invasive and pain free. Yet spit's
    analyte contents speak volumes about pain, health, or stress, in humans and animals. These simple truths are what get us out of bed in the morning.

    We believe Salimetrics assays are a superior tool for behavioral, social, and medically-focused researchers and that, when research findings are translated to therapies and medications, pain, illness, and stress can be eliminated or minimized, enhancing performance and improving life quality for countless individuals around the globe.

    With that yet unrealized potential in mind, we diligently seek to find and strive to develop ever newer and better salivary immunoassays, collection devices and related services—so we can support the efforts of immunodiagnostic researchers around the globe. We hope you share our passion for spit.

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