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Zeptometrix Corporation

Zeptometrix Corporation

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  • At ZeptoMetrix, we understand that research success often requires a team approach. That is why our company mission is to be “a partner to our customer”.

    ZeptoMetrix is a privately held company formed in 1999 to serve the diagnostic and pharmaceutical research products industries. In 2003, the company acquired the BioClinical Partners division of Impath Corporation and a highly complementary and successful partnership was formed.

    Today, we serve our customers worldwide in several key areas including: large scale virus and bacterial production, diagnostic kit development and manufacturing, controls and calibrators for serology and amplification testing, custom proficiency panel manufacturing and distribution, clinical specimens for assay development, specialty panels and biorepository services.

    The company operates out of two highly efficient, state of the art manufacturing facilities in Buffalo, NY and Franklin, MA. Our Buffalo facility is home to two bio-level 3 plus enhanced manufacturing suites and has been granted a select agent permit for work with bio-threat agents. Our highly automated Franklin facility has evolved into a large volume manufacturing, packaging and distribution arm serving a growing number of proficiency organizations and life sciences customers.

    The staff at ZeptoMetrix represents a cross section of the best and brightest in the industry, from the highly skilled and experienced scientific staff to the entire manufacturing, packaging, and distribution group. We offer our customer cutting edge expertise throughout the entire organization. This translates into consistent, innovative, high quality products and services delivered on time, every time.

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