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  • Register Now for Toronto’s Premier Life Science Industry Show

    Come out to this FREE event to see what’s new in your area of research, chat with industry experts and take away promotional giveaways and other materials including product samples, scientific posters and other supplier freebies!

    • Technical product experts on site
    • Research resources
    • Exclusive show sales and promotions
    • Access to free product samples
    • Games, prizes and other exclusive offers

    If you are working in research or diagnostics in the GTA, you are not going to want to miss out on this once-a-year event! Product focus areas include: Antibodies, ELISA/Assay kits, Proteins, Cytokines & Growth Factors, Primary Cells & Culture Media, DNA/RNA Sample Prep, Transfection Reagents, Biochemicals, PCR Reagents & Kits, Microbiology Supplies, Enzymes & Inhibitors, Animal Diets & Enrichment Devices... and much, much more!

    REGISTER TODAY! Register for your ticket before May 23rd and we’ll AUTOMATICALLY ENTER YOU into a prize draw for a Kindle e-Reader! Simply click the link below to sign up.

    Cedarlane Expo 2018

    Prime Time and Location!

    AGAIN for this year, we’ve reserved a great location and hours to better serve your lab and your busy schedule! This year’s event will be held at the MaRS Centre, South Tower Auditorium 101 College Street, Toronto – located at the intersection of Canada’s business, academic, creative, government and research communities.

    The Expo will begin at 11:00am and end at 3:00pm to give you and your colleagues a chance to swing by on your lunch hour or coffee break, and discuss your projects directly with product experts!

    Cedarlane Expo 2019

    Don’t Miss The Prize Draw

    We’re proud to offer our renowned raffle and door prizes once again for 2019! Simply visit exhibitor booths to collect stamps in your game card. Once you’re done, we’ll exchange your card for raffle tickets* that you can use on any of our great prize raffles. Following the event, we’ll randomly draw our lucky prize winners – it’s that easy!

    Pre-register for your ticket before May 23rd and automatically be entered into an exclusive prize draw for a Kindle e-Reader! Only attending registrants can qualify to win. Take advantage of the many opportunities to win throughout the day.

    Some of this year’s prizes include:

    Prize Donated By
    Apple Watch Cedarlane
    Toronto Blue Jays tickets Cedarlane
    $100 Gift Card - The Keg Steakhouse + Bar Cedarlane
    Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker Worthington Biochemical
    Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones Bio X Cell
    Soundcore Wireless Earbuds and Swag Bag Zymo Research
    $100 Amazon Gift Card Enzo Life Sciences
    $100 Gift Card - Best Buy Toronto Research Chemicals
    Wenger Pillar Laptop Backpack LI-COR Biosciences
    CoolCell Cryopreservation Container ATCC
    Swag Bags Cayman Chemical
    $50 Amazon Gift Card Electron Microscopy Sciences
    $50 American Express Gift Card Bachem
    Swag Bag Active Motif
    $60 Cineplex Pack AND $50 Amazon Gift Card Tailored Genes

    Please note there is a limit of 20 raffle tickets per individual.

    Cedarlane Expo 2018

    Talk Directly With Suppliers

    Ask questions – See what’s new – Hear what’s coming next – Be a part of it!

    We are once again going to offer over 20 vendor booth spaces with suppliers visiting from around the world. See what’s new in the fields of stem cells, immunology, molecular biology, virology, diabetes/obesity, cancer research, and more!

    Registered Exhibitors

    • Active Motif – At Active Motif, we develop innovative cell biology-based research tools and biocomputing resources that help researchers elucidate the function, regulation and interactions of the genes and their encoded proteins.
    • Arbor Assays – Arbor Assays’ company philosophy is to build the highest quality detection and immunoassay products for clinically important biomolecules.
    • ATCC – ATCC is a private, non-profit biological resource center (BRC) and research organization, focused on the acquisition, authentication, production, preservation, development and distribution of standard reference microorganisms, cell lines and other materials for research in the life sciences.
    • Bachem – Bachem is an independent, technology-based, public biochemicals company providing full service to the pharma and biotech industry and specializing in the process development and the manufacturing of peptides and complex organic molecules as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), as well as innovative biochemicals for research purposes.
    • Bio X Cell – Bio X Cell has been supplying the research community for over 20 years with bulk amounts of monoclonal antibodies. It is Bio X Cell’s commitment to provide highest quality monoclonal antibodies at lowest prices for in-vitro and in-vivo preclinical animal studies.
    • Cayman Chemical – Cayman Chemical Company is helping make research possible by supplying scientists worldwide with biochemical tools in research disciplines such as cancer, nitric oxide, neuroscience, apoptosis, oxidative injury, endocrinology, and much more.
    • Corning/Mediatech – Corning is proud to offer a complete cell culture solution to our customers. Our comprehensive line of high-quality bioprocess and laboratory research tools now includes Corning media for both standard and custom cell culture media, basal salt solutions, antibiotics, sera, specialty media, and flexible packaging systems.
    • Diagenode – Diagenode is an international life sciences company that develops and commercializes innovative instruments and reagents systems for life science research and molecular diagnostics.
    • Electron Microscopy Sciences – EMS features a recently expanded product line that now includes products for biological sciences, materials science and histology, so as to best serve the research community.
    • GE Healthcare – GE Healthcare's broad range of products and services enable healthcare providers to better diagnose and treat cancer, heart disease, neurological diseases, and other conditions earlier.
    • InvivoGen – Our unparalleled skill in microbial fermentation allows us to provide ultra-pure antibiotics made entirely without animal components, novel anti-mycoplasma treatments, and the largest collection of PRR agonists derived from a wide range of micro-organisms.
    • Larodan Lipids – Larodan makes a comprehensive range of research grade lipids for use as analytical standards and reagents with customers all over the world. Our products include all sorts of lipids, from simple fatty acids and methyl esters to complex oxylipins, glycerides and phospholipids
    • LI-COR Biosciences – LI-COR technology enables scientists around the world to improve lives by advancing discovery. From the first low-cost light sensor filtered for the waveband absorbed by plants, to pioneering the development of near-infrared fluorescence detection systems for DNA sequencing, LI-COR strives to provide innovative solutions for researchers.
    • Proteintech – Proteintech antibodies are made using the whole protein as the antigen, which, after affinity purification, results in products that can be used in a wide variety of conditions and applications.
    • Quidel – Quidel's products provide healthcare professionals with accurate and cost-effective diagnostic information at the POC. They sell their products to professionals for use in physician's offices, hospitals, clinical laboratories, and wellness screening centers.
    • R&D Systems – R&D Systems entered the field of biotechnology early, becoming the first company to commercially market the multifunctional cytokine TGF-beta 1. R&D Systems has since established itself as a developer and manufacturer of high-quality proteins and the world leader in immunoassays as well as a producer of antibodies, arrays, stem cell products, cell selection and detection products among other cell biology tools.
    • Tailored Genes – Tailored Genes was founded in 2014 with the aim of providing researchers with custom made products and services in lentivirus vectors, stable cell lines, and molecular biology at cost-effective prices that meets the budget of research laboratories..
    • Toronto Research Chemicals – Toronto Research Chemicals, TRC was founded in 1982 to manufacture and supply researchers in the biomedical fields with specialized complex organic small molecules not otherwise commercially available.
    • Wako Diagnostics – Wako is a comprehensive manufacturer of Clinical Diagnostic reagents that are of the highest quality and good value to performance. Our products are the result of dedication to the field of in vitro diagnostics.
    • Worthington Biochemical – Worthington Biochemical is a primary manufacturer of biochemicals and enzymes, such as collagenase, trypsin, papain, elastase, and deoxyribonuclease I.
    • Zymo Research – Zymo Research provides the highest quality Epigenetics, DNA and RNA purification products while ensuring they are both simple and reliable.
  • Cedarlane Upcoming Events, Conferences and Trade Shows

    We want you to join us at our upcoming Trade Shows and Vendor Shows. Check the schedule of upcoming events below to meet us at a destination close to you! For more information about these shows and events, please contact us at marketing@cedarlanelabs.com.

    Start Date Show Name Location (City, State/Province)
    May 1 Biotech Connect Vendor Show – York University Toronto, ON
    May 1 Expositions Bzi Show – PHAC Winnipeg, MB
    May 2 Ottawa-Carleton Institute of Biology (OCIB/IBOC) Symposium Ottawa, ON
    May 2 Expositions Bzi Show – UMan Bannatyne Winnipeg, MB
    May 2 Expositions Bzi Show – SBRC Winnipeg, MB
    May 3 RI-MUHC Research Day Montreal, QC
    May 8 Downtown Discovery Life Sciences Products Show Toronto, ON
    May 9 AAI (American Association of Immunologists) San Diego, CA
    May 9 Supply Management - Lister Centre, University of Alberta Edmonton, AB
    May 9 Rocky Mountain BioTechnology Symposium Aurora, CO
    May 14 Biotech Connect Vendor Show Moncton, NB
    May 15 Biotech Connect Vendor Show PEI
    May 16 Biotech Connect Vendor Show Halifax, NS
    May 24 LABCON Fredricton, NB
    May 25 CALAS (CDN Association for Animal Science) Richmond, BC
    May 28 Biophysical Society of Canada Mississauga, ON