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Human Smooth Muscle Cell Line (HITC6)

Cellutions Biosystems Inc.
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Human Smooth Muscle Cell Lines
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  • Smooth Muscle Cells

    The HITB5, HITC6 and HITD5 clones were generated from primary cultures of human smooth muscle cells prepared from internal thoracic artery. These cells assume a proliferative, motile phenotype when cultured in M199 media in the presence of 10% FBS. When serum deprived the cells no longer proliferate but assume an elongated spindle-shaped morphology with suppressed motility. The serum deprived cells are also seen to contract in vitro in response to the vasoactive hormones histamine and angiotensin II.

    These cell lines may be valuable for clarifying our understanding of SMC phenotype switching and restructuring of the vessel wall. Additionally, these cell lines are ideal for studies involving heart disease, stroke, angiogenesis and vasculogenesis, drug development, toxicity, cell-cell interactions, wound healing and cancer therapy.

    ***Note: When purchasing one of the cell lines you can expect to receive a vial with a passage number on the range of 25-27. Due to this, it is critical that you run your experiments at the same time as generating seed stock.

    If properly maintained, it has been reported that the cells will replicate until about the 35th subculture, at which time they will senesce - i.e. they will remain alive but they will no longer replicate. They will gradually slow their replication rate and be less dense at confluence, before that time. However, be advised that we cannot guarantee sufficient cell density and replication of the cells up to the 35th subculture and repurchase of the cells may be necessary.

    The use of specialized growth media with supplements, such as the SmGM-2 BulletKit from Lonza, may be used to extend the cells life beyond the 35th subculture.

    The datasheet for this product can be downloaded here.

    Supplementary Figures

    Figure 1. Phase-contrast images of HITB5 smooth muscle cells cloned from adult internal thoracic artery. (a,b) HITB5 cells grown in M199 media with 10% FBS. (c,d) HITB5 cells 3 days after serum withdrawal showing an elongated and spindle-shaped morphology. (Shaohua Li et al (1999). Circulation Research. 85: 338-348.)

    Figure 2. Phase-contrast images of HITC6 smooth muscle cells before (a) and after (b) the application of Angiotensin II (1 mmol/L) showing contraction. (Shaohua Li et al (2001). Circulation Research. 89: 517-525.)

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