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Anti-Mouse Granulocytes (Gr-1), No Azide (Clone RB6-8C5) (rat IgG2b)

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F, CT, WB, P, C
No Azide
Rat IgG2b
Granulocytes (Gr-1, Ly 6G)
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$499.00 CDN

  • Description

    Cedarlane's anti-mouse Gr-1 monoclonal antibody reacts with the myeloid differentiation antigen Gr-1 (1,2). This 25-30 kDa cell surface antigen is expressed on myeloid cells but not lymphoid or erythroid cells. The expression of the Gr-1 antigen increases with granulocyte maturation (3) as shown by the distinct populations of bone-marrow cells this monoclonal antibody labels: negative, low positive and high positive.  Expression is transient on cells of monocytic lineage (3).

    CL8991AP is a useful antibody for studies of myeloid differentiation stages and their regulations by cytokines. Applications include flow cytometry (1,2,3) complement-mediated depletion (4) Western blot staining (5) and both frozen and paraffin sections (6).

    Flow Cytometry Analysis
    Balb/c mouse bone marrow was stained with anti-Granulocytes (Gr-1) (clone: RB6-8C5) (filled histogram) (gated on high SSC population) or rat IgG2b isotype control (open histogram).

    Immunofluorescence Analysis

    Purified Anti-Mouse Granulocytes (Gr-1) (CL8991AP) staining of paraformaldehyde-fixed paraffin-embedded human tonsil sections at 200x (A) and 400x (B) magnification with DAPI counterstain. (Rat anti-mouse Granulocytes (Gr-1) (CL8991AP) 1:500; Alexa Fluor 488 Goat anti-rat 1:500 (Molecular Probes) and Normal Goat Serum (blocking))

  • References

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