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  • Assay and Elisa Kits

  • Cedarlane offers one of the widest selections of assay and ELISA kits on the market. These kits are used in the fields of life science research, environmental monitoring, and in the discovery and development of new drugs. They are useful in a vast array of applications, from the evaluation of diverse production processes to the screening of possible drug candidates, as well as the study of disease pathways. Browse our vast catalog of thousands of assay and ELISA kits, or narrow down your search by supplier or price range in order to find the right kit for the needs of your research.

  • Assay and ELISA kits Details

    Assay and ELISA kits are an integral part of the modern pharmaceutical, medical, forensic or environmental research lab. These kits are made using enzymes and reagents of the highest quality and come ready to use. Employ them for detecting and quantifying cell death, viability, proliferation, or any other cellular processes you may be observing. Or, use them to monitor signaling pathway activity, to measure enzyme activity, or for studying changes in gene expression.

    As scientists ourselves, we understand the importance of precision in your research. Our kits are manufactured to the highest quality standards, and they are tested and delivered under protocols that adhere to industry-leading accuracy and specificity so that you can be assured of obtaining reproducible results in your work. We select and deliver only the finest research tools; we stake our reputation on it.

    Cedarlane is a world leader in the biopharmaceutical industry, offering the very best essay and ELISA kits to our discerning clients across the globe, as well as a whole host of other research tools. We are not only committed to providing the very best tools for the life science research community but doing so in a sustainable manner as well, maintaining environmental integrity at the core of our operational infrastructure and decision-making.