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  • Cedarlane is proud to offer its customers the highest quality in engineered cell lines. Unlike cell strains, cell lines are permanently established cell cultures that proliferate indefinitely, as long as they are provided with fresh medium and space. These lines, typically selected for uniformity and derived from a homogeneous tissue source, have an important role to play in the study of the physiologicalpathophysiologicaland differentiation processes of specific cells. They are also the most convenient tool for virus cultivation in a laboratory setting. Thanks to the latest in genome editing technologies (including zinc-finger nucleases (ZFNs) as well as CRISPR-Cas9), Cedarlane has access to and can offer its clients a huge range of genetically modified cell lines for use in basic research, target validation, drug discovery and drug development. Your research will be simplified thanks to our variety of products on offer, whether the focus is targeted gene editing or the study of gene function and protein locations.