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Start Date:

Jan 21 2019

End Date:

Jun 30 2019

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Elabscience ELISA Kits

Save on Flow Cytometry Antibodies from Elabscience

Elabscience is a high-tech biotech corporation, specializing in reagents of immunodiagnostic technology. It offers more than 20,000 products, including ELISA kits, CLIA kits, Antibodies, and Proteins.

Flow cytometry can be used for cell classification and subgroup analysis by analyzing the surface antigen with fluorescence antigen/antibody detection technology. This technology has been widely used in immunology, hematology, oncology, cell biology, cytogenetics, biochemistry, clinical medicine and basic medical research fields, which plays a vital role in evaluation of immunologic function, diagnosis and treatment of various blood diseases and tumor.

Elabscience® has collected our best flow cytometry antibodies and technical protocols. Our various flow cytometry validated antibodies offer multiple dye choices and a wide range of both intracellular and extracellular targets.

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