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Start Date:

Feb 5 2019

End Date:

Jul 31 2019

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Save 30% on Expedeon InstantBlue Protein Stain from Cedarlane

Limited Time Offer: Save on InstantBlue Protein Stain

Expedeon's InstantBlue is the only true single step Coomassie based gel stain available. Simply take the gel from its cassette, put in stain and leave. No need for washing, microwaving or destaining. All bands will be visible within 15 minutes. Gels can be left in InstantBlue indefinitely without any chance of background staining. InstantBlue is non-toxic and compatible with Mass Spectroscopy analysis.

Save 30% on Expedeon InstantBlue Protein Stain from Cedarlane
  • InstantBlue is formulated ready for use. Gels can remain in the stain for weeks without concern. Only the proteins are stained, resulting in extremely well defined blue bands on a highly transparent background.
  • The reduction of background interference results in a better signal to noise ratio. Protein bands containing as low as 5 ng per band (BSA) can be detected.
  • The InstantBlue formulation is non-toxic and does not contain any methanol. Proteins stained using the InstantBlue stain are also compatible with mass spectrometry (MS) analysis.

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