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Start Date:

Feb 20 2019

End Date:

May 31 2019

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Save on Zen-Bio Blood Derived Products

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ZenBio was created to meet the urgent need of investigators interested in understanding human obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. While rodent models are useful for deciphering metabolic pathways of energy partitioning, the critical analyses for drug development In humans requires an appropriate in vitro model to study human adipocytes.

Catalog Number Description Size
SER-PLE Human Recovered Plasma, Frozen, (Sodium Citrate, ACD or CPD) 200 mL
SER-PLE10ML Human Plasma, Frozen (Any Anticoagulant) 10 mL
SER-PLP Human Recovered Plasma, Frozen Pooled (Any Anticoagulant) 200 mL
HSER-10ML Human Serum, Off-the-Clot, Frozen 10 mL
SER-PMN Human Polymorphonuclear Cells (PMN), Cryopreserved, 15 million cells/vial Vial

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