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Start Date:

Apr 1 2019

End Date:

Apr 30 2019

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Save on Agrisera Antibodies through Cedarlane

Limited Time Offer: Save 40% on Complement Marker Antibodies!

Need a confirmation of a subcellular fraction purity? The Plant Cell Compartment Antibody Marker Set is a collection of antibodies, which allow determination of a fraction purity for a range of plant species including Arabidopsis thaliana. Some antibodies are accompanied by a protein standard which can be used as a positive control and for quantitation.

  • Cell Wall
  • Chloroplast Marker
  • Cytoplasm Marker
  • ER Marker
  • Golgi Marker
  • Mitochondrial Marker
  • Nuclear Marker
  • Peroxisomal Marker
  • Plasma Membrane Marker
  • Plastidial Marker
  • Vacuolar Marker

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