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Start Date:

May 7 2019

End Date:

Jun 30 2019

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CRISPR Knockout Kits, KN2.0 – Save 30% until June 30!

OriGene offers simple-to-use CRISPR gene knockout kits for every gene of Human and Mouse. Each kit contains gene specific guide RNAs (gRNA) and donor DNA.

Gene knockout is based on non-homology-mediated repair mechanism. After gRNA targeted double stranded DNA cleavage, the linear donor DNA containing a selection cassette will be integrated at the gRNA cutting site at forward or reverse direction. Our testing data using KN2.0 kits showed that the vast majority gene knockout is bioallelic, one allele contains donor integration, the other allele has indels (insertion and deletion), which might change protein coding or cause premature stop.

  • Ready to do gene knockout, no more cloning
  • Puro-GFP selection
  • ~50% bi-allelic gene knockout

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