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Start Date:

Jul 12 2019

End Date:

Aug 31 2019

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Tonbo Biosciences B-Cell Antibodies

Gibson Assembly® - Superior Cloning Experience

Tonbo offers several Gibson Assembly® cloning kits for DNA assembly. Each kit contains specific master mix reagents and proof-reading polymerase. Gibson Assembly kits and reagents are the gold standard for straightforward cloning as well as complex assembly projects due to their ease-of-use, accuracy, and efficiency.

Vmax Express Competent Cells

  • Rapid results - get protein 1 day faster than E. coli
  • Higher yields - produce up to twice the biomass of E. coli with up to 4X more soluble protein
  • Compatible with commonly used vectors, antibiotics, and growth media
  • Efficient expression up to 24 hrs post-induction

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