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Start Date:

Jul 22 2019

End Date:

Oct 31 2019

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Transfection Reagents for DNA, RNA & RNP

OriGene offers several transfection reagents for DNA, siRNA, mRNA and CRISPR RNP delivery. We just launched 4 new transfection reagents, that are more efficient and have broader cell spectrum.

Researchers need to do gene overexpression (cDNA clones), gene knockdown (siRNA or shRNA) and gene knockout (CRISPR) to study gene functions. Effectively deliver those gene related products into cells is critical for their research. OriGene provides a broad range of transfection reagents for all of these different gene formats.

  • MegaTran 2.0: Cost effective and broader cell spectrum
  • 293Tran: Specialized for transfecting HEK293 cells
  • siTran 2.0: Low cell toxicity and superior transfection efficiency
  • LentiTran: Specialized for high-titer lentivirus production

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