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Sep 16 2019

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Nov 30 2019

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Save on all Epigentek ChIP and NGS Kits through Cedarlane

High-Quality Kits at Low Prices!

Insert Chromatin. Get Results.

We've got you covered. Satisfy your research needs with any one of our convenient ChIP kits. Epigentek debuted the microplate-based ChIP format in 2005, enabling rapid and low-cost immunoprecipitation of chromatin samples for epigenetic researchers. Each kit contains everything you need to reliably immunoprecipitate chromatin in a fast and efficient manner.

Epigentek's ChIP varieties:

ChromaFlash High-Sensitivity ChIP Kit

  • Perform high throughput ChIP from as little as 2000 cells

EpiNext ChIP-Seq High-Sensitivity Kit

  • All-in-one ChIP with ChIP-seq library preparation

EpiQuik Plant ChIP Kit

  • ChIP optimized specifically for plant samples as input

EpiQuik Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) Kit

  • Our heavily-cited, classic microplate-based ChIP kit

NGS: Next Generation Sequencing

Next generation sequencing (NGS) is a method of non-Sanger-based high throughput DNA sequencing in which millions or even billions of DNA strands can be sequenced in parallel. Epigenetic researchers utilize NGS as an important tool to gain detailed and comprehensive insight into epigenetic modifications of genomes belonging to numerous species and from many different cell types. NGS minimizes the need for fragment-cloning methods often used in Sanger sequencing of genomes and yields significantly more throughput.

NGS technologies have increased data output volumes and lowered the cost of DNA sequencing beyond what is possible with standard dye-terminator methods. This has led to a significant advancement of understanding of several epigenetic mechanisms, namely genome-wide DNA methylation and protein-DNA interaction. Modern technologies that are used for NGS include Illumina, Ion Torrent, Roche 454, SOLiD, and Pacific Biosciences.

Epigenetic scientists use NGS data and analysis to identify reliable markers and contribute to the development of targeted therapies. EpiGentek offers many inexpensive solutions for next-generation sequencing including full package kits to conveniently construct high quality DNA libraries from low quantity or difficult samples.

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