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Start Date:

Oct 10 2019

End Date:

Dec 31 2019

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Spend More, Save More on Proteintech Products!

Established in 2002 by a group of research scientists, Proteintech Group was founded with the vision of producing the highest quality antibodies. Having produced over 12,000 antibodies thus far, Proteintech is well on its way to producing antibodies for each human expressed gene in the human genome.

Over 90% of Proteintech antibodies are raised against the whole recombinant protein. This gives their antibodies superior protein recognition capabilities and versatility. Proteintech uses primary tissues and regular cell lysates to perform all of its validation western blots. You can be sure that any Proteintech antibody you choose will be successful when they make the transition from validation to experiments.

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Choose from Proteintech’s growing product range, including:

  • Antibodies against 12,000 human targets
  • Sandwich ELISA kits
  • 12,000 fusion proteins
  • Tag/control antibodies
  • Secondary antibodies
  • 20ul sample vials

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Note: This promotion is only valid until 12/31/19. Only one tier of discount ($75 / $150 / $250) is applicable to each order, dependent on the total order value. If the total order value exceeds $1100, the total discount available remains $250. This offer is not valid in conjunction with contract discounts or any other special pricing. Void where prohibited. Please note that this promotion only applies to Proteintech products. Contact your local Cedarlane sales representative if you have any questions.