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Nov 1 2019

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Dec 31 2019

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Highly Specific and Sensitive Immunoassay

The Mercodia Glucagon ELISA is a CE/IVD-marked, highly specific and sensitive immunoassay for measuring glucagon in plasma and serum.

The highly specific monoclonal antibodies used in this assay enables accurate determination of glucagon without significant cross-reactivity to other circulating pro-glucagon derived peptides, e.g. glicentin. Circulating glicentin often cause cross-reactivity problems because of its shared sequence with glucagon.


  • An appreciated assay used in many studies - Bibliography
  • High sensitivity - 1 pmol/L
  • No purification of samples
  • Little or no cross-reactivity to peptides oxyntomodulin, glicentin, mini-glucagon, GLP-1, GLP2 and GRPP.
  • CE/IVD-marked

Under certain conditions like after bariatric surgery, kidney disease and exogenous administration of glucagon, pro-glucagon deriviatives can be elevetade and, hence, increased assay specificity is needed. The alternative sequential assay protocol, TN34-0158, is recommended for samples from these patient subgroups. TN34-0158.

Mercodia Glucagon ELISA is an assay intended to measure the pancreatic hormone glucagon in plasma and serum. Glucagon measurements are used in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with various disorders of carbohydrate metabolism, including diabetes mellitus, hypoglycemia, and hyperglycemia.

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