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INTRO DISCOUNT: 20% OFF cfMAX™ cfDNA Isolation System

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Oct 30 2019

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Dec 31 2019

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Save on the cfMAX cfDNA Isolation System

Accelerate liquid biopsy development and other cell-free DNA studies with high yield cfDNA isolation from plasma or serum. Reliable insights from cell-free DNA (cfDNA) start with high-quality, high-yield isolation.

**Please note that this promotion carries a limit of one (1) kit per customer

Isolating cfDNA from plasma and serum can be challenging, as the amount of cfDNA present in individual samples can vary widely1 and analysis of cfDNA can be complicated by the presence of even low amounts of longer contaminating genomic DNA. With the cfMAX™ cfDNA Isolation System from SBI, you can overcome these challenges and consistently obtain higher yields of cfDNA than other kits can deliver (Figure 1) with a kit optimized for isolation of short DNA fragments. The result is more reliable downstream analysis and greater insights into disease states.

While the existence of cfDNA has been known for almost a century2, it’s only in the past decade or so that researchers have been able to recognize and fully exploit the valuable insights to be gained from analyzing cfDNA. Especially in the fields of oncology and prenatal testing, cfDNA not only serves as a biomarker for disease but can also provide non-invasive information on genetic abnormalities that may be present in in cancer cells3 or the developing fetus.

However, the DNA sequencing and PCR methods used to analyze cfDNA are highly sensitive to even low levels of longer contaminating genomic DNA. And the amounts of cfDNA present in the bloodstream can vary greatly among individuals. As a result, a reliable high yield cfDNA isolation method optimized for short DNA fragments is essential and researchers should choose the cfMAX cfDNA Isolation System.

  • Reliably achieve high yields of cfDNA
  • Maximize isolation of short DNA fragments while reducing contamination from longer genomic DNA
  • Get superior performance compared to competitor kits
  • Maximize productivity with the quick and easy magnetic bead isolation workflow

The cfMAX cfDNA Isolation System maximizes your flexibility and accommodates your lab’s capabilities:

  • Suitable for a range of input volumes
  • Compatible with both manual and automated isolation workflows
  • Interchangeable with MagMax™ beads in Kingfisher systems

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