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Start Date:

Nov 1 2019

End Date:

Jan 31 2020

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Save on Oxidative Stress & Reactive Species Assay Kits

Oxidative stress is an ongoing battle between highly reactive free radicals and the systems designed to mitigate their effects. When free radicals are winning this battle, oxidative damage occurs, initiating repair and removal processes. In a biological system like the human body, oxidative stress may be seen to start at the molecular level, with a direct interaction between free radicals and a protein, a lipid, carbohydrates, or nucleic acids.

Certain diseases might stem from a failure to counter these effects, with damage spreading locally or, perhaps, systemically. Alternatively, oxidative damage can result from broad oxidant production throughout a tissue or organ that simply overwhelms a functional antioxidant program. Detection and evaluation of these processes can be pursued in many ways, as reflected by the numerous assay kits offered by Cayman

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