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Start Date:

Jan 3 2020

End Date:

Apr 1 2020

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Save on Rockland TrueBlot Products

Save on TrueBlot® - For Generating Publication-Quality IP-Western Blots

Rockland’s TrueBlot® product line allows researchers to generate reproducible, publication-quality IP-Western blots easily. TrueBlot secondary antibodies preferentially detect the native, non-reduced form of IgG over the reduced form of IgG, making them ideal for Western blots of immunoprecipitated proteins. These unique detection properties reduce interference by the heavy chain (~55 kDa) and light chain (~23 kDa) of the immunoprecipitating antibody enabling unhindered detection of blotted target bands. Pair TrueBlot® antibodies with the exceptional purification properties provided by TrueBlot® IP beads to eliminate the common issues of IP-Western Blot.

The TrueBlot® product line is ideal for studying protein-protein interactions, post-translational modifications (phosphorylation and acetylation), poorly expressed proteins, and immunoprecipitated proteins with molecular weights similar to the heavy and light chain. Simply substitute your current IP beads and conventional secondary antibody with TrueBlot® products to obtain unparalleled clarity in results.

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