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Start Date:

Jan 15 2020

End Date:

May 1 2020

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Elabscience Biochemical Kits

Save on Top Biochemical Kits from Elabscience

Biochemical assay kits are widely used in biochemical experiments, and the results should be measured with Spectrophotometer (Visible range/ UV), Microplate reader and Biochemical analyzer. The wide selection of biochemical test kits can be applied in detection of targets related to blood lipids, liver function, myocardial enzyme detection, renal function, glucose metabolism, pancreas, etc.

Elabscience’s Biochemical Team has developed a wide selection of biochemical testing kits with good specificity, high sensitivity and precision. The standards or standard references applied in these kits meet the requirements of the marketplace. Our diverse biochemistry kits are classified by the detection method, which include colorimetry kits, turbidimetry kits, and kits applying other methods. These kits are guaranteed to provide you other advantages, such as good stability, wide linear range, time saving, competitive prices, strong anti-interference, etc.

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