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Start Date:

Jan 23 2020

End Date:

Mar 1 2020

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Save on Cytoskeleton Tubulin Research Products

Save on Acti-Stain, Spirochrome and Small G-Protein Activation Assays

Acti-Stain Fluorescent Phalloidins

The Acti-stain™ line of fluorescent phalloidins has been developed with an emphasis on creating exceptionally bright and stable probes at an economical price. Side-by-side comparisons with leading competing products demonstrate that you will enjoy savings while not sacrificing the quality of the stain when switching to an Acti-stain™ probe. Additionally, these probes are compatible with popular filter sets such as FITC, TRITC and Cy5. The combination of in-house manufacturing, stringent quality control and convenient packaging provides a great value. Give them a try and see for yourself.

Product Uses Include:

  • Stain F-actin in fixed cells
  • Stabilize actin filaments in vitro
  • Visualize actin filaments in vitro

Small G-Protein Activation Assays

At Cytoskeleton, we develop signal transduction kits which are focused on small G-protein research. In particular we provide kits for measuring the activated forms of Rho and Ras family members, and their intrinsic properties of GTPase and GTP/GDP exchange.

Activation assays come in two types, the G-LISA 96-well format and the traditional Pull-down variety. The G-LISA format is very accurate and flexible in that the 96-wells are divisible into 8-well strips making it the most economical option for a project. The Pull-down variety has been traditionally used for testing small numbers of samples or a quick look-see experiment where low accuracy is acceptable. Unfortunately due to the low accuracy of the Pull-down technique and low endogenous activation levels in some samples (may be only 10 to 20% increase in activity levels) some positive results may not be found. We recommend utilizing the GLISA assay wherever possible due to the greater confidence obtained from higher accuracy.

Apart from Activation Assays, Cytoskeleton also provides some innovative kits for studying GEFs and GAPs. In particular the BK100 kit is useful for measuring GTP or GDP exchange in Rho family members, and it can also be used to study a new GEF or a new GEF/small G-protein combination. The Rho GAP kit, Cat. # BK105, measures the release of phosphate from GTP hydrolysis by a Rho family protein which is accelerated by the GAP protein provided in the kit.

Spirochrome Probes for Bioimaging

Live-cell imaging probes developed by Spirochrome are cell-permeable compounds which stain microtubules (SiR-Tubulin), F-actin (SiR-Actin), Lysosomes (SiR-Lysosome) and chromosomal DNA (SiR-DNA) in living cells. These probes were recently introduced in a landmark papers published in Nature Methods and Nature recently featured on the cover of the Journal of Biological Chemistry. Cytoskeleton, Inc. is the exclusive provider of Spirochrome, Ltd. products in North America.

  • Cell Permeable
  • Photostable
  • Very Low Background
  • Superresolution
  • Far-Red Fluorophore
  • Fluorogenic
  • Non-Cytotoxic

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