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Start Date:

Mar 9 2020

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Apr 23 2020

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Save on Cytoskeleton Activation Assay Kits

Save on Pull-down & G-LISA® Activation Assay Kits

Measure GTP-bound proteins from cell or tissue lysate

Cytoskeleton’s Activation Assays have been cited hundreds of times over the past 10 years. These assays measure the GTP-bound form of the protein from cell or tissue extract. Choose from a traditional pull-down bead format or our advanced ELISA-based G-LISA® format.

  • Pull-down Activation Assays
  • Pull-down assays utilize affinity beads linked to an effector protein that selectively binds active GTPase followed by quantitation with Western blotting.
  • G-LISA® Activation Assays
  • G-LISAs use a 96-well plate coated with effector protein that selectively binds the active GTPase followed by quantitation with ELISA techniques.
Pull-down G-LISA®
Total protein per assay 500-2000 µg 10-50 µg
Assay time 10-12 h (2 days) <3 h
Primary cells & 3D matrix compatible No Yes
Sample handling 10 samples 96 samples
Quantitative data* Semi Yes

*Numerical readouts and fewer sample handling steps make G-LISA® assays more quantitative.

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